What Is An Employer Partner

It is an ethical imperative: to create meaningful connections between higher education, learning abroad and career opportunities in ways that represent 21st century employability. Learning abroad offers us a unique opportunity. By teaching students within an international environment, far from the familiar, we create opportunities for students to gain a valuable understanding of concepts and perspectives different from their own that will help them to adapt in any working environment. They are regularly challenged to solve problems and gain independence as they navigate new environments, people and places.

John Christian, President & CEO, CAPA The Global Education Network

What is an employer partner?

CAPA Employer Partners will gain full access to our network of CAPA alumni, post open positions on the Alumni Network Portal, and have access to CAPA alumni networking events for advertising and recruiting. CAPA alumni have developed critical professional skills during their experiences abroad. They have done so by participating in rigorous academic and experiential programming to prepare them for jobs at top-rated organizations or graduate schools. Now the two can come together.

  1. Networking: The ability to intentionally and purposefully connect and interact with others in order to develop professional and personal relationships.
  2. Communications: The ability to receive, interpret and articulate information and ideas effectively.
  3. Remote Collaboration: The ability to utilize IT resources to connect virtually with others and achieve collective goals and objectives.
  4. Global Perspective: To develop skills required to live and work in an interdependent world through forming an understanding of connections between one’s own life and those of people across the globe.
  5. Cultural Awareness: To develop an understanding of oneself, others and to embrace and appreciate diverse and complex perspectives, values and beliefs.
  6. Organization, Time Managements and Prioritization Skills: The ability to achieve identified outcomes by using your time, energy and resources in an effective and productive manner.
  7. Problem Solving: The ability to find solutions to difficult or complex issues and to manage moments of uncertainty or ambiguity.
  8. Adaptability: The ability to adjust oneself readily to different conditions and environments.
  9. Goal Setting: The ability to identify, form and implement actions that will guide you towards predetermined aims and objectives.
  10. Career Based or Vocational Skills: The development of specific knowledge or abilities related to an occupation.


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