Adjusting to Re-Entry and Staying Connected to Study Abroad

By now you’ve returned home, but how do you stay connected to your time overseas? Here are just some ways you can reflect and reconnect with your study abroad experience:

  • Work or volunteer in your study abroad office, or become a CAPA Ambassador
  • Read the online newspaper from your study abroad location (and see how your study abroad location is portrayed in the media and help to adjust the US perception if it is not correct)
  • Blog or keep a journal about your returnee experience
  • Go to international events on your campus and in the surrounding community
  • Find language partners to keep using your language skills, if you studied abroad in a non-English speaking country
  • Cook a meal of local cuisine from your study abroad city
  • Keep in touch with domestic friends from the CAPA Program and international friends you made while abroad
  • Consider going abroad again, or check out programs like AmeriCorps, the Peace Corps, or the Fulbright fellowship after graduation
  • Start a study abroad club on your campus, or make an effort to become friends with the international students on your campus- they are studying abroad in the US and you have an opportunity to have a positive impact on their time here!
  • Seek out organizations in your city who work with refugees and see how you can help

For more ways to stay involved, check out this resource from Lessons from Abroad here!

By Hayle Wesolowski
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