How To Write A Resume Using Artificial Intelligence

We are still in a time where you need to actually put some work into your own resume, AI hasn’t completely taken over just yet. However, we are starting to see more and more services and features online that will help you do a once over on your resume. In this article from they introduce you to a couple of platforms to help you sharpen up your resume content:

  1. and will sort you out a template quicker that you can say template! will actually give you feedback as you input your information!
  2. VMock – combines machine learning and natural language processing to rate your resume and make improvement suggestions. Their powerful software helps you improve your wording and show results in your bullet points. Watch out though – only the first round of feedback is free; after that it’s a paid service.
  3. Jobscan – helps you understand whether or not your resume communicates your skills and experience for the job you want. It’ll tell you whether or not your resume makes it past the ATS. The ATS is the software that evaluates your resume and gets you to the interview stage. Using this you can upload your resume and job you are applying for and see how your resume may fair against ATS.

For more on these sites and some great videos to help you decide what content to include on your resume visit the full article here.

By Katie Lander
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