How to Show a ‘Growth Mindset’ in an Interview

It is not uncommon to be asked in an interview ‘what’s your greatest weakness?’, ‘what’s been your biggest failure?’ or potentially, ‘why were you let go from your last job?’.

In this article Shana Lebowitz discusses with Traci Wilk, former HR exec for Starbucks, why she is most interested in the answers to these questions, often over and above what is displayed on a Resume. For Traci she wants to see that employers have taken risks, pushed themselves outside of their comfort zone and also considered why something didn’t work as well as they had hoped. What would they have done differently, or do differently next time? This is the basic thought process behind a  ‘growth mindset’, being able to show people that your talents can be developed and pushed further.

To read the full article on this, originally published on Business Insider on November 2018, click here.


By Katie Lander
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