Why Learning the Humanities Is a Key to Success

“The humanities are like water – combine them with many things, and they can grow into something amazing.”

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As more and more students study subjects that they believe will lead to an immediate job after college, the humanities are dwindling. However subjects such as philosophy, English, and history give students skills that, as Verlyn Klinkenborg says in a New York Times article, are a “rare and precious inheritance”. Some of these crucial and unique skills include:

  • the ability to interpret texts
  • a greater creativity – thinking in new and different ways
  • the ability to see things from different perspectives
  • the development of a richer understanding of what other people are feeling and experiencing
  • a deeper understanding of human nature – why and how people behave and how to have more productive interactions and relationships

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By Jillian Sylvester
Jillian Sylvester Intern Jillian Sylvester