How to Sell Your Overseas Experience to Employers

Jean-Marc Hachey is a best-selling writer on international careers. Hachey has worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, World University Service of Canada, Canadian Crossroads International, and the German Volunteer Service. He is the host of MyWorldAbroad and is also a columnist for Transitions Abroad.

Writer Jean-Marc Hachey shares tips on selling your experience abroad to prospective employers, including how to explain your experiences:

  1. Be professional in describing your study abroad experience.
  2. Use the language of your future work.
  3. Speak of your successes and accomplishments.
  4. Avoid shocking stories.
  5. Network with other returnees.

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By Jillian Sylvester
Jillian Sylvester Intern Jillian Sylvester