7 Ways to Use Your Study Abroad Experience in a Job Interview

Lauren Fitzpatrick, a writer at GoOverseas.com, shares 7 neat ways that you can use your study abroad experience in a job interview. We found these pretty helpful, maybe you will too.

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1. Do Background Research

Read up on the company: the job advertisement, ‘About Us’ page, mission statement. Try to connect your study abroad experience to their values.

2. Cite Specific Examples

Come up with 4-5 specific and applicable stories from your international experience that demonstrate the skills and qualities you developed.

3. Focus On Your Achievements

Employers sometimes have misconceptions of what the study abroad experience is like (ie, a 4 month long Eurotrip). Be sure to articulate what you learned and how you changed overseas to change their preconceived notions.

Read the rest of the article and find more helpful information at GoOverseas.com.

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By Jillian Sylvester
Jillian Sylvester Intern Jillian Sylvester